Tanjung Lesung, The Beauty of Nature


It took about four hours ride from Jakarta by highway (exit the Serang Timur highway towards Pandeglang) with amazing scenenery. Keisa learned how paddy field changed its color from green to harvest-time yellow. Mas Radya learned various Indonesian housing, from brick-made to bamboo-made (and that all have parabolic antenna). And Pak Sunarto told us that the four hours ride was a piece of cake compare to our daily commuter ride in Jakarta (no traffic jam, and since some friends were asking: no damaged road).

Tanjung Lesung - Kalicaa1

There are several places to stay. We could have breakfast at beachside restaurant called Bale-bale, where if you look out across the sea you can clearly see Mount Krakatau, but outside the resort area is rather untouched. We could only find very few restaurant unless we drive to Labuan, so bringing food to cook from home was a good decision. We explored several places as Bodur Beach, Beach Club, Cipenyu Beach and it was amazing to see the green paddy fields just few steps away from these places (can’t agree more with those who called the place as paradise on the west coast).

Three days and two nights at Tanjung Lesung, we love the blue sea, white sand beach, the green resort, and the fact that it really felt like home rather than hotel with crowds. But above all,

We love its nature, we love the fact that butterfly flies over into our room,
bird sipping nectar from the flowers of the banana tree on our pool side,
milipedes on our garage floor and frogs with their tadpoles in the ponds at our villa’s entrance.

On many other holiday we mostly say “Let’s go here and there!”, but this holiday provides more than just worth-visit places, hence I found myself says (maybe too much of),

“Look Keisa look!!”

Kalicaa- Kitadayo-3


  1. eka
    Eka Wulandari Gobel February 1, 2013 at 6:05 am

    bagus banget ya, tanjung lesung. pantainya bersiiih.. mata & hati ademmm liatnya :)

  2. ninit
    ninit yunita February 1, 2013 at 9:14 pm

    cantiknyaaa tanjung lesung!
    harus ke sana!

  3. nanink
    Fajar Widya Trisna February 4, 2013 at 4:54 pm

    Kalicaa Villa Resort yaa…

    2 kali weekend’an ke Tanjung Lesung, ga berpindah pilih tempat menginapnya disana terus…

    Pantainya bersih, pasirnya putih..
    Abis renang dilaut, bilas nya nyemplung ke private pool didalam villa trus baru mandi di bathroom ^^

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