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It’s A Start of Many New and Fun Beginnings!


Last Tuesday, 19th of March, was one of the blessing moments for our Account Executive, Ipeh and family. She has given birth to her beautiful second daughter, baby Nadya Yoona Shatirrah. On behalf of everyone in The Urban Mama family, we congratulate Ipeh, Iyay and kakak Lana! Baby Yoona is such a beautiful baby girl!

Ipeh, a petite-framed mom, joined TUM Family early last year as part of the Business team, reporting directly to me. A month before Yoona was born, Ipeh had some problems with her pregnancy that would require her to stay in bed until delivery. Being an energetic woman that she always is, she just can’t stop working from her bed. Chatting with us, sending email, sending proposal, media orders, even reminders for clients’ campaigns. It was at the point that we literally had to shut her by taking her out of the group discussion – even our email distribution – so she can focus to rest. Even then, she would still send messages to each one of us directly. She was just missing us (or TUM) dearly :)

As part of the team, aside of being one of the founders, just like Ipeh, working at TUM is like having a get-together with your girlfriends on 24 hours watch. We are never short of topics to discuss. Yes, we discusses work (new articles on TUM, new threads in the forum, new campaigns, etc.) most of the time, but we’d always get sidelined to chat about kids, family, workouts, even celebrity gossips (infotainments) just to brighten our days, in between our hectic schedules. For me, who also holds a full-time job, it’s the break I need in between my serious hats. Even though it’s done all on line – whatsapp chats, emails, iMessage, twitter, anything available.

However, as our family got bigger, we realize that online conversation may not be as effective anymore. We need a place, a regular hangout that we can meet and do our own “kopdar” so we can discussed some of the high priority projects in a more organized manner. We needed an outlet, a brick-and-mortar office.

Last year, we booked a virtual office at Menara BCA and holds office hour once a week, where everyone in Jakarta can meet up and change ideas. Principally, we didn’t think having a brick-and-mortar office is necessary as we are all fine with working through the virtual world, especially that physically, the two founders are located outside of Indonesia.

Fortunately, our prayers were answered. We were given an opportunity (and space!) to have our own office starting this month. It’s a small one and we may not be holding an office hour on a daily basis, but it’s a start. At least the team in Jakarta would have a place to sync up on a regular basis and bring more ideas to the table. As for the two founders who live in Singapore? We also think that we should start holding office hours too! Well, maybe not full time and not as regular as those in Jakarta (as I’m also working full time), but we are starting to have our meetings and agenda in between our lunch time.

It’s a start of many new and fun beginnings!

Even though our family members have changed this year with the additions and resignations, we’re glad that we all are forever friends.

Thanks for your continuous support to TUM and good luck on whatever you do, mama Otty and Fanny, who have resigned as our Forum Moderators.

Welcome Crey as part of the business team, Wiwit and Cindy as this year’s new Forum Moderators.


  1. Kira Kara
    Bunda Wiwit March 26, 2013 at 11:34 am

    aaahh.. terharuuu.. *lap air mata*
    Sepertinya Tuhan selalu menjawab mimpi-mimpiku. Semua “kantor” dimana aku bekerja seperti sebuah keluarga yang selalu saling support dan Penuh persahabatan *group hug*

  2. sukie
    Sukma Pertiwi March 26, 2013 at 4:49 pm

    sekali lagi congrats ya Ipeh :)
    Sebagai member dari awal-awal TUM berdiri, rasanya tuh jadi ada rasa memiliki juga. Senang melihat TUM sekarang berkembang makin besar, best wishes always for TUM Family. Love you!

  3. eka
    Eka Wulandari Gobel March 27, 2013 at 12:13 am

    terharu :’)
    semoga menjadi awal yg baik dan semoga TUM makin cetar membahana :)

  4. ninit
    ninit yunita March 27, 2013 at 5:53 am

    hugs untuk TUM family :)

    what a beautiful article, shin!

  5. ipeh
    Musdalifa Anas March 28, 2013 at 10:54 am

    terharu baca ini, thanks mama Shinta dan TUM. Bener kata Sukie, senang banget melihat TUM berkembang seperti sekarang, semoga tetap menjadi “narasumber” untuk urbanmama semua.

  6. mamaobito
    Ade Yudiastuti April 2, 2013 at 10:35 am

    Congratulations Mom Ipeh. Hugs.

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