About The Urban Mama

Hello Urban Mamas (and Papas)..
Welcome to The Urban Mama website

The Urban Mama is a blog started by blogger moms who always meet up for playdates and talk about their kids ALL THE TIME!! All of us are long time bloggers who are still quite active in updating our blogs in between changing the diapers and running around chasing our kids. Only now, the stories are also about diapers & tons of pictures of our kid(s) So, we decided that maybe we should create a group blog where we can share our experiences about raising kids and have other mamas (and papas) join us. After all, no parenting experience would be the same and it's always fun to hear them!

In December 22, 2009, The Urban Mama was launched as a one stop portal for parenthood and parenting sharing sessions. We embrace parenthood by sharing our experience as parents and parents-to-be. We believe that every parents has their own parenting style, as no two kids are ever the same. Our website is created for that purpose... sharing & discussion, focusing on the kids as the center of our stories, discussions, review and activities.