Bumbo was one of the gifts we received when Aina was born. It was given by a family of 2 kids, and they said they love the product so much that they want to give it to us that early… (Bumbo can only  be used by a 3+ months old infant, or when their neck is strong enough to support their heads). 

Honestly, if it weren't given by them, whose first child was a very happy and active 2 years old at that time, I wouldn't have bought it… 3 months infant in a sitting position? my parents and parents-in-law would've yelled at me for "ruining her spine"… 

But Aina couldn't be happier when we first put her on the Bumbo chair. i think she would've said, "Yay, i can see things other than ceilings!" 

We loved it, too. Seeing our baby laughed and looked at things in a new perspective, with her eyes widen and her jaw opened (along with lots of drool coming out), we think Bumbo is one of the best invention for baby, ever! 

Since then, she hangs out with us in sitting position: out in the balcony, in front of the TV, in the kitchen… and we always vouch for the chair by letting other babies trying it out at our house.

However, if you decide to get this cute chubby little chair, keep one thing in mind: DO NOT USE IT ON RAISED SURFACES. don't place the Bumbo on a chair, to replace a high chair. don't place it on the kitchen counter, or any counter for that matter, with your kid sitting on it. it really can fall… really. 

It happened to us once. It was my fault for neglecting Bumbo's warning on never put the chair on raised surfaces. I was cooking and i put Aina on the kitchen counter, sitting on her Bumbo. I was looking one way, and when I looked back, I saw my husband pretty much flew and caught the Bumbo mid-air, with Aina still attached to the chair… my heart literally stopped for a second or two and my legs turned spaghetti-ish… we were *this close* to lose our one and only child. 

It turned out that she tried to lean forward while sitting. At that time, she was tall enough (exactly 1 year old) to tip the chair forward. The front part of the chair folded in and the whole thing went off-balance. Aina plunged head first to the ground. 

So, please, if you have the Bumbo chair (or any children products), don't disregard their warning labels. I'm not saying it's a bad product. We still love Bumbo. In fact, we still recommend it to friends and family… with emphasis on the warning label. 

And just like with other children products, keep an eye on your child all the time… 

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    Siti Fatimah March 29, 2012 5:31 pm

    wahh, pas banget ni. lg mau nyewa bumbo buat babyku uwais (6d to 4m) tp bakal betah ga ya secara anaknya ga bs diem.

    TFS ya thalia. :D

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    mama bhima August 15, 2011 11:41 am

    Mba akupetta, banyak kok yg jual bumbo disini.. Mba bs cari di mothercare

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    mama bhima August 15, 2011 11:38 am

    Bener banget nih, bumbo membantu banget, anakku yang selalu bosen baringan dengan senang hati duduk disini, dan bener skr umur 5bln uda bs duduk sendiri tanpa dipegang. Emang sih mahal banget, tapi ga papa deh demi pembelajaran dan baby ku senang.. Hehehehe

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    petta rosetta May 31, 2011 5:07 pm

    ada jual bumbo ga sih di indonesia?

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    Anti Suryawan December 15, 2010 10:36 am

    Mbak, nanya dong...

    Kalau pakai bumbo apakah bayi kita tetap bisa belajar duduk sendiri secara alami? Pengalaman sama Aina kemarin gimana? Contohnya kayak baby walker yang sekarang katanya udah gak recommended lagi karna (katanya lagi nih) bisa bikin otot anak kurang kuat untuk berjalan nanti.

    Pengen sih pake bumbo, udah kebayang si adek jadi bisa mainan sama si kakak sambil duduk di bumbo hehehe... Tapi saya juga penganut membiarkan anak melatih otot secara alami :) Share pengalamannya yah. Thanks.

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      thalia kamarga December 15, 2010 10:55 pm

      hi anti,

      aina sekarang umur 3.5 tahun, dan baik2 aja posturnya. waktu itu, aina emang belajar duduk dari bumbo. jadi gue udah dudukin dia di bumbo pas umur 3 bulan. trus umur 5 bulan bisa duduk tanpa support, 6 bulan baru bisa duduk sendiri dari posisi tiduran.

      sebenernya sih gue juga ga tau ini alami apa engga. tapi yang pasti, waktu aina masih umur 3 bulanan, emang ga bisa ditaro lama2 di bumbonya. paling 10-15 min, break dari cuma tiduran liat ke atas doang... kalo lama2 dia muntah.

      other than that, secara fisik sih aina cenderung normal lah perkembangannya: berdiri sendiri sambil pegangan umur 6 bulan. crawling umur 6-7 bulan. first step umur 10 bulan, 12 bulan lari2...

      usulku sih, untuk anak 3-5 bulan, bumbo dipake cuma untuk acara main aja... jadi ga bosen tiduran terus dan bisa main ama si kakak. jangan dipake buat alat ngelatih duduk. lama2 juga bisa duduk sendiri kok. tapi mungkin kalo sehari 1-3 kali main di bumbo, si anak jadi demen dan berusaha duduk sendiri, soalnya lebih seru daripada boboan... hehe. but that's just my tought :)

      smoga membantu untuk mutusin mo pake bumbo apa engga ya :)

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