Patrick's Goodie Bag

Patrick's turning 3 years old this Sunday, and since this is the first time he's ever had  friends (a.k.a classmates), I decided to make some goodie bags for them.

I don't want to spend too much, but doesn't want to fill the bags with too much cheap sweets too. So I ended up with these items:

  • Medium size colorful bags. $3 for 6. (it was 50% off).

  • Small plastic cups. $2 for 6. (it was 50% off).

  • A small book of alphabets stickers. $0.75 for about 15 pages of stickers.

  • A big box of crayons. $2 for a box of 64. (it was 50% off).

  • A bag of balloons. $3 for a bag of 100.

  • Paddle ball. $7 for 10.

  • Bubbles. $4 for 8. (it was 50% off).

  • Clear plastic bag. $2 for 30.

  • Petiteville Paper Farm coloring pages. $7 for a file of 10 pages. I just need my printer to print out as many copies as I need. Will explain later about this.

I also add single bags of cookies and fruit snacks into each goodie bag. These I already have in the pantry.

Assembly is pretty easy. I just put bubbles, crayons (6 each), balloons (5 each) and sticker inside the cup, and arrange the rest inside the bag.

Petiteville Paper Farm is a coloring page I found on If you grew up in the 80s then you might remember playing with paper dolls. This is the same. The set comes with a farmer, 4 animals, a barn, a tractor, and a base. It's actually colored but I asked the shop owner if she's willing to make it non-colored. I just think it'll be fun for the kids to be able to color the animals, barn, tractor and farmer before they play with it.

^^ he wants the cookies

^^paper farm from

^^what's in each bag

Now I just need to bake some cupcakes (carrots cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, and sprinkles, of course!) and buy some apple juice. Let's party!

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    WiwiT April 15, 2013 5:34 am

    waaa... isi goodie bagnya menginspirasi sekali nih. seneng krn bermanfaat buat anak yaa... boleh nih dicontek. TFS!

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      As .