Runni 1st Birthday

Yay... finaly, my Little Gorgeous turn 1 year old on 31 August'13. Here's our memories of her birthday...

First of all, let me share a few ideas in my mind on how to celebrate her birthday:

Did I succeed in realizing those things?
Let' go back to several days before the D-day. One of my friends in The Urban Mama (TUM) August'12 Birth Club asked:
"Kopdar akbar yuk tanggal 31 Agustus, sekalian syukuran dan merayakan bareng-bareng 1 tahun para bayi Agustus"

Hey, Birthday + Kopdar Akbar = What an idea!

And why is that? Let me go through with the list of ideas above.


No Party

No party, indeed. It was just a family meeting of The Urban Mama (TUM) August'12 Birth Club... A big family meeting with 13 families, and 13 babies + 2 toddlers!!  :D

The "Kopdar Akbar" was held in Ika husband's house for free. Yay... Thank you Oma Opa Ika and Elmir :)
Every family of the Birth Club brought their own 'signature' dish or 'famous culinary' from their neighborhood. These were what included in the menu:

~ Nasi Bogana by Ika ~ Asinan Bogor by Putik ~ Kripik Tempe by Vini ~
~ Pangsit GM by Neena ~ Ayam Keju by Shela ~ Dimsum by Dian ~ Somay by Deasy ~
~ Bolu Keju Tape by Emma  ~ Brownies by Citra ~ Es buah by Ika and Uthie ~
~ Baby Choice by Titis and Icha (of course we don't forget the baby's snack) ~
~ Cupcakes by me and husband (no, I didn't make them if you ask :p)~

Yummy, right?

And, how about the entertainment?
Well, in their house, there were already so many toys to begin with. Colorful balls, car toys, cloth books, and many more...
All this fun was added with bouncy castle and kids' swimming pool brought by Emma and her husband. Although in the end, the babies only played in an empty swimming pool with no water, because most of them had cold.

At 12.00 (it was the exact time of Runni birth day on August 31, 2012) the babies and the mommies blew the candle... just for fun. Runni was the first one to blow the candle because it was her birthday. Next, we all reconfigured the cake (yes it was customizable) then blew the candle again, together, to celebrate our 1st August babies birthday.

Was it fun? Of course! Babies and their laughters were everywhere... Was it relaxing? I don't need to tell you that meeting and chatting with "same baby age" Mommies and Daddies was a good refreshment :) Before we went home, we exchanged gifts with each other. The rules were: the gifts should not be more than Rp 50.000, they're wrapped in old news paper, and and the gift-giving was anonymous.

On top of it, Ika brought a photographer to capture all the smiles, the excitement, and the moments. What a great way to celebrate our little ones' birthdays!

Okay.. next..


Celebrate with orphans

Too bad, this idea wasn't realized :( But I was blessed with a chance to

Several days before the D-day, one of my friends in ITBmotherhood had an idea to accompany and help some orphans who were just graduated to get a proper job. She needed a little funding to get it to work. Well, one gift that Mamah and Ayah could give to Runni (insya Allah) was a savings in akherat someday. Although we couldn't meet directly with the orphans, hopefully the little fundings we gave could help them finding better jobs and future. (Note: Bismillah, it's just sharing an idea, no purpose for riya' or showing off).


Unique Cake

I chose cupcakes instead of big cake because of this idea. I wanted something different for our little gorgeous and her friends in the Birth Club. It was customizable. You could choose whether for Runni's birthday or baby TUM birthday :D.


Usefull goodie bags for kids

The original idea was fill the goodie bags with drawing books, customized cupcakes and milk, and the whole thing was wrapped in paper or plastic wrapper with Runni's birthday theme printed on it... Basically, the theme was "Runni"  :D

In the end, though, we only put chocolate chip cupcakes with Runni's avatar in the goodie bag. Why? Hmm.. After some calculation, we realized that a great amount of money will be involved to create our dream goodie bag. I thought our family was not yet in the level of spending that "amount" just for a baby's birthday :)

The cupcakes were made out of butter, egg, and milk, anyway... so it will be good and nutricious for them :p


Memorable gift

I did have a great idea for the gift: A Trust Fund saved in Gold (even though just 1 gr of Gold) :D However, after discussing it with my husband, we thought maybe this kind of gift was 'too much' for our baby. First, before giving her this type of gifts, we need to introduce and teach her about money, its value, and how to manage it. Maybe someday, when she has understood and can be trusted to manage her own money, we will go on with this idea. We'll see ;)

That's it! My Little Gorgeous Birthday

Happy 1st birthday my sweet girl, Dearossa Alexandrina KhaiRUNNIsa.
Be shalehah, shalehah, shalehah, healthy, smart, and be good for others.
Mamah and Ayah love You :*


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    Putik September 23, 2013 5:16 pm

    ahahahaa trs mama leia membagi kegendatsannya ke mimi darel, 3 biji kue lgsg ludes masuk perut +_+

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    Kartika Firdaus September 23, 2013 3:47 pm

    Ahahaa cupcakenya dimakanin mama Leia nih. Gandat dehh deh hiks..

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    Octarina Ardyanti September 23, 2013 1:08 pm

    Seru seru seruuu.. Ntar tiba2 udah ngerayain ultah kedua aja nih toddler.. hihi..

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  4. avatar
    Citra Huseni September 23, 2013 8:24 am

    ahaha.. tiap liat cupcake ini aku selalu nyesel... lupa bawa pulang cupcakenya

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    Amalia Rahmah September 23, 2013 4:21 am

    makasih mba Ninit dan mba Zata :)
    amiin buat doanyaa..

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