Gone Fishing

I was hanging out with my daughter Aina (2.5 yrs) the other day when she started babbling about how Mickey Mouse went fishing one day and caught some big red Gooey fish. I thought to myself, hey, maybe it would be fun for us to play pretend fishing. So we created this fishing gear in about 5 minutes. It's actually a very simple idea exploring the wonderful world of magnets. But for 2 year olds, apparently extending their reach by 20 cm with a stick while trying to hit a spot on the ground with a piece of string can be a physically challenging game.

Here's what we needed to create the game:

the supplies

  1. A pair of scissors.

  2. A stapler.

  3. Cellophane tape.

  4. A pair of disposable wooden chopsticks.

  5. Some string (2 x 25cm) - we used knitting yarn.

  6. 2 small pieces of magnets.

  7. An A4 piece of copier paper or very light card stock.

  8. Markers.

First, we made two fishing rods. One for me, and one for the kid. Tied the strings to the ends of the chopsticks. Attach a piece of magnet to the dangling end of the string with cellophane tape.

make the fishing rod

Second, draw a bunch of little fish (and some sea creatures like crabs, octopie, clams, starfish etc) on the paper with black marker. Each of them shouldn't be more than 5 cm in diameter since they will be too heavy for the magnets to lift up if they were too big. I had Aina color the fish and sea creatures afterwards.

ari drew a few fish to start coloring the fish

Finally, cut out each fish and sea creature with your scissors. I stapled them in 3 - 5 places each so that the magnets have a better chance of latching on.

cut it all up put a few staples on each fish

Spread the little paper fish on the floor and get on a pillow boat - see who can catch the most fish the fastest. No touching the strings!

fishing collage

Have fun fishing! 



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    thalia kamarga February 17, 2010 11:39 pm

    yay! naia sukaaaa! btw, ada magnet pak di daiso toh? kapan2 liat2 ah... mancing numbers + alphabet is a very good idea! kapan2 bisa dicoba ke aina ah!

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    shinta lestari February 17, 2010 4:19 pm

    kemaren juga udah praktekin bikin ini. beli magnetnya satu pack di daiso.

    seru banget!! naia sampe heboh tiap satu gambar jadi dan siap di 'pancing'. dan kita akhirnya gunain ini untuk ngajarin naia to fish out numbers. i think it's more interactive for her to learn the numbers (and later alphabets) this way. apalagi numbersnya ditaro among the fish, ducks, barney, pingu.. hihi..

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    Harry JH February 13, 2010 8:04 pm

    Iya Thal. Tadinya bingung juga mo nyari magnet dimana? Trus keinget maenan mobil2an batere Rian yang udah rusak. Ada batere berarti ada dinamo, ada dinamo berarti ada.. magnet! Jadi deh.. mobil2an Rian dikanibal dinamonya.. haha :D

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    thalia kamarga February 13, 2010 6:30 pm

    waaaa, ama harry udah dipraktekin! horeee... :D

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    Harry JH February 13, 2010 2:28 pm

    Thanks Ari! Langsung dipraktekin. :) Ngejaga Anissa jadi lebih gampang pas Nina lagi pergi creambath: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=3636595&id=570192918

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