The Urban Mama Forum is a discussion place for parents and parents-to-be. All topics in this forum is related to parenting issues and beyond (pregnancy, moms, dads, etc.). Just like any other forums, we expect our members to be civil and follow the netiquettes we listed below. This way we all can make this forum a fun place for discussion.

  • Familiarize yourself with the forum before you start to create a new thread. Do utilize the search button, that way you’ll know if the topic you have in mind might has already been discussed somewhere. If in fact the topics are similar, moderators have the rights to merge the two threads together, for easy reference to other members.
  • If you want to reply or comment to any previous post, just type the member’s nick name that you want to reply to before you start your comments. This also applies when you want to make comments on picture other member has posted. No need to quote the picture in your post, please.
  • No promotion of business of any kinds in the forum, unless it's approved by the admin. This includes incorporating words like "shop", "toko", "boutique" or anything indicating a shop into your username. If you would like to promote your business with us, please send your email to [email protected].
  • No surveys in any kind, unless it's approved by the admin. If you would like to distribute surveys in the forum, please contact of the admins/moderators or email us at [email protected].
  • No Pre-Order (PO) requests & arrangement of any kind except in Mama's Mall. This is to avoid cluttering threads with PO requests. All POs are to be done either in Mama's Mall or in private (PM, email, etc). If you would like to open a PO in Mama's Mall, please contact of the admins/moderators or email us at [email protected].
  • For the purpose of discussion & sharing session, we encourage urban Mamas & Papas to share online shops, rentals, etc. for baby/motherhood items. However, we strongly forbid that you put a link or phone numbers to these shops. Please just share the names, no link.

We believe that all of us here are trying to be a good parent, therefore we may want to act in a proper manner that we want our kids to example.

Please respect other member’s opinions in your comment. If you disagree, do not attack them, after all everyone is entitled to a different opinion in their parenting style.

Thanks for reading this. This is just a reminder on the netiquettes you may use in the forum.


Welcome and enjoy The Urban Mama Forum!!