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The Urban Mama Forum

The Urban Mama Forum

Ramadhan di The Urban Mama

#mariLUAS #MamaRunnersRamadhan
Ramadhan is here! Are you ready for our charity program during Ramadhan? It is called #mariLUAS (mari Lari Untuk Amal Sosial) #MamaRunnersRamadhan.
#MamaRunners together with IndoRunners, will donate Rp 20.000.000 for Rumah Bersalin Gratis (RBG) Rumah Zakat.
Please click here to register.

Urban Mama Papa, melanjutkan tradisi TUM di bulan Ramadhan, tahun ini kami kembali mengadakan #TUMbid2share dimana ada 4 items persembahan Mothercare dan ELC Indonesia dengan kondisi baru. Yuk di bid, hasilnya 100% donasi akan disalurkan via Yayasan Tunas Cendekia.

Urban Mama Papa, #TUMbukber adalah kegiatan rutin TUM di bulan Ramadhan. Berbagi sedikit kebahagiaan dengan anak-anak di Panti Asuhan dengan berbuka bersama mereka. Kami mengajak urban Mama Papa untuk berpartisipasi dengan berdonasi dimana hasil donasi sepenuhnya akan disumbangkan ke Panti Asuhan. Donasi bisa dilakukan dengan transfer ke rekening TUM atas nama Siska Knoch - BCA 6080370073. Terima kasih atas kebaikan urban Mama Papa.

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Hello Mamas & Papas

Events & Announcements

Announcements of any changes to the forum, contests, events, etc. To share your events, please send us email at [email protected]

TUM 4 Indonesia!

An on-going charity effort by TUM. Let's share and give :)


Trying to Conceive

Have some tips and tricks to get pregnant? Dealing with miscarriages? Please come in and share!


Let's discuss about pregnancy here. Gynecolog, Hospital, baby shower etc.

Birth Club

Share with others who are due at a similar time to you. Keep the support going once your babies are born.


Birth talks, natural, caesarean, induced or premature. Breastfeeding. Formulafeeding. Gear & essentials. Share yours here.


S/he is no longer your cute baby but already a little girl/boy. Share your joys and everything about them here.


Starting school, doing homework, doing sports, let's discuss everything about child here.


Too old for toys, too young for boys (or girls?). When everything is in between.


The transitional stage. Puberty. They said, if men from Mars, women from Venus, teenagers are from Pluto. Let's get to know the Plutonians.

General Parenting

Share parenting experiences & tips with others

The Urban Fit (Fitness and Health)

Healthy Diets

Weight Loss, Nutritions

Health & Wellness

Body Image, Dealing with Stress, Injury Prevention & Recovery

Walking, Running, Swimming and Cycling

Joggings, Triathlons, etc

Body and Minds

Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, Meditation, etc

Gym and Classes

Personal Training, Weight Training, Zumba class, Aerobics

Sports & Martial Arts

Rock Climbing, Mountain Biking, Tennis, Boxing, Capoiera, Tae Kwon Do...

Mama's Home & Kitchen

Home Sweet Home

Home is where the love is. Furnitures, home decorations, wallpapers and paintings... talk about it here.

Kitchen Talk

Anything and everything around the kitchen.


Got recipes for baby, toddler, or the whole family? Share your recipes here, Mamas & Papas!

Fun Mama

Smart Mama

Health Matters

TORCH tests, pap smear

Financial Matters

Insurance, Financial plans for Birth and the Kids, even Job Vacancies :)

Mama's Book Club

Mama's References

Doctors and Specialists

please share the doctors you trust, it could be pediatrician, lactation consultant, etc.

Maternity Hospital

Do you have recommended maternity hospital? Please share your story here.

Mama's Mall

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