Topic: SD TANGERANG SELATAN - Global Jaya School

School Year 2019/2020
School Fees 2019-2020 for New Students
There are two components of the School Fees: SP (Development Fees) and SPP (Tuition Fees).

SP (Development Fees)
There are 2 options for SP payment:
SP for 1 year:   Rp. 23.000.000,-  or
SP for 6 years: Rp. 98.800.000, -

- SP payment can be settled either per school-year or 6 school-years in advance. 
- SP is only for Year 1-12 students, there are no SP fees for Kindergarten and Reception students.
- SP is valid per academic school-year that runs from July 2019 to June 2020, not calendar year.
- Early Bird discount is available until 28 February 2019.
- SP payment is not refundable.

SPP (Tuition Fees )
There are 2 options for SPP payment:
1. Kindergarten: Rp. 17,400,000 (per term) - Rp. 63,800,000 (yearly - 1 month discount)
2. Reception: Rp. 17,400,000 (per term) - Rp. 63,800,000 (yearly - 1 month discount)
3. Year 1-6: Rp 29,100,000 (per term) - Rp. 106,700,000 (yearly - 1 month discount)
4. Year 7-10: Rp 33.900,000 (per term) - Rp. 124.300,000 (yearly - 1 month discount)
5. IB Diploma Year 11-12: Rp 40.800,000 (per term) - Rp. 149,600,000 (yearly - 1 month discount)

Other fees
Approximately Rp 700.000 for 3 sets of school uniform, a sweater and PE uniform.

After School Activities provided by GJS teachers are free. Sports and After School Activities from outside providers will incur a range of fees depends on the activity. 

There is no extra cost for textbooks and the school covers the costs for most one-day excursions for all year levels.


Topic: SD TANGERANG SELATAN - Global Jaya School

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Topic: SD TANGERANG SELATAN - Global Jaya School

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Topic: SD TANGERANG SELATAN - Global Jaya School

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Topic: SD TANGERANG SELATAN - Global Jaya School

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Topic: SD TANGERANG SELATAN - Global Jaya School

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Topic: SD TANGERANG SELATAN - Global Jaya School

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Topic: SD TANGERANG SELATAN - Global Jaya School

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