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You may believe a thorough knowledge of filmmaking and the entertainment industry is enough to make you a good movie producer. While it certainly helps to know the nuts and bolts of movie production, and even the details of financing and marketing a movie, that knowledge is not enough to create a good producer. It might make for a good studio executive, or other job out of the fray, but you need to develop specific skills, to help you make an independent film.
The first and most important skill you need is organization. If you were the kid who kept the minutes of the club meetings, edited the yearbook, or organized the prop-closet by era, you already have this skill. It is something that is hard to teach, but you can certainly learn it, to become more organized.
If you are the person who can’t find his keys and has no idea how much is in your checking account, you need help. Get organized. There is simply no substitute for it.
Buy a book about getting organized. I recommend “How to Get Organized When You Don’t Have The Time,” by Stephanie Culp.
Or take a Franklin - Covey course. Do whatever you have to do, but get organized.
Second, you need to be able to make decisions quickly. Despite the best planning, things change moment-to-moment during production. You will have to decide right now whether to set up the next shot despite the looming storm clouds, or to move on to another location, completely disrupting the schedule.
The best way to develop this skill is to completely bury your doubt. <a href=http://auto-szko--a-elliott-geschke.tumblr.com/post/15854320722/>dentysta</a>. Know that you are in charge, any mistakes to be made are yours to make and you will suffer the consequences of bad decisions. If you act decisively, and accept blame when necessary, your cast and crew will accept your decisions unquestioningly.
Third, you must be a good negotiator. You will have to make deals for every single thing on the set - the equipment, the sets, the crew, the film stock, everything. Even if you’re borrowing your mom’s station wagon, you will have to convince her you will take good care of it, and return it washed, and with a full tank of gas. Everything will have to be negotiated.
When negotiating rates, know the maximum you can pay for any one line item on your budget and try to shave 20 or 30 percent off of it. If they negotiate up, you may still save 15 percent or so off what you expected to pay.
There is one thing you need to know when negotiating: You can always say no. If you can’t get the deal you want, just say no. Practice it. No. There is no need to be a jerk, just make it clear that you will take your business or offer elsewhere. If a crew member doesn’t want to accept your day rate, he doesn’t have to. You will find someone else (assuming you set your rate at a reasonable low-budget level).
Fourth, a producer also needs diplomacy. It’s surprising how often a film shoot devolves into a third-grade playground. <a href=http://granitgrantoleson.this4u.org/2012/01/07/schody-a-granit/>elewacja kamienna</a>. In just a few short weeks, cliques form, rumors start and friendships are formed and ruined. Crew members and actors will, believe it or not, come tattle to you. Sometimes you will have to intercede in petty squabbles and personality conflicts. The trick is to smooth ruffled feathers while not making one combatant feel like you’ve taken another’s side. That will only set factions against you, and that’s the last thing you want on your set.
And fifth, of course, you will need energy. Lots and lots of energy. Caffeine helps to get you started after only a few hours sleep, but it is no substitute for real, healthy human energy. One of the things you must do during pre-production is get yourself in shape for the rigorous weeks of shooting. You’re in training, not for a sprint, but for a marathon.
Working on lower budgets, independent films often have a much tighter schedule, making for longer days and fewer days off. Take it seriously beforehand, and train like a champion. Exercise, eat healthy, and take vitamins and supplements to build your energy stores, so you can get through it.
After you have these five basic producer skills down, you will be ready to develop your knowledge of the filmmaking process and the entertainment industry, by producing a successful independent film.


Topic: Schody granitowe

last kuota :
5. breastpump Avent manual
brand : avent
model : manual designed for comfort
ori price : lupa
sell : 450rb
cond : good condition, sy prefer pake yg electric jadi yg ini jarang dipake. sparepart lengkap, sparepart cadangan (membran, valve) masih tersegel.

sms/wa 082389172543


Topic: Schody granitowe

nambah kuota desember ya,
Pompa Asi PHILLIPS AVENT MANUAL (Botol Standard bukan wide neck tapi ada converter untuk wide neck)
SOLD, thanks TUM

First time mom of beautiful twins


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Hi moms,

Mau flea brg ex kado nih.
Spectra cooler bag.
Hb : - (306rb di asibayi)
Hj : gak jd jual, sodara mau pake cooler bag nya.
Kondisi : new. 1 cooler bag, 3 botol asi, 1 ice gel.
Alasan jual krna udh punya medela cooler bag.
Yg mau liat fotonya, bs lsg wa ya, ke 0818116533.
Thx TUM :)


Topic: Schody granitowe

Hai buibu,, sy mau flea boba 3g safari, second very goodcond, 675 aja, detil pict, nanya2, dsb via wa. 087865628057. Thanks TUM. SOLD,,

Mudahkan, dekatkan, lapangkan, dan berkatilah rezekiku


Topic: Schody granitowe

halloo moms..
mau flea beberapa barang nihh:

1. Sila dipindah ke Donations Thread ya ma.-mod-

2. Brand : medela calma (dot nya saja ya)
Harga baru: - (bawaan dari breastpump)
Harga jual: 50.000
Kondisi: baru, belum pernah digunakan, kalo botolnya terpakai

3. Brand : munchkin snack tower warna biru
harga baru: 125.000
harga jual: 80.000
kondisi: pernah dibuka tapi belum pernah digunakan

4. Brand: kolam bayi merk intime
harga baru:400.000 (kolam bayi.com)
harga jual:200.000
kondisi: ukuran 143x105x75 (bisa untuk 2 anak),sudah 5x pakai, warna hijau,ada bocor kecil sekali, belum ditambal tapi masih bisa digunakan. isi paket:kolam + neckring + pipa pembuangan + lem
dijual karena anaknya udah makin gede.

5. brand: bouncer sugar baby
harga beli: 315.000
harga jual: 200.000
kondisi:jarang digunakan dipasang sekitar 1bulan, mainan2nya masih lengkap,sebelum disimpan sudah dicuci dengan deterjen sleek.

jika ada yang berminat hub via wa/message y 085245079830, info lebih detil via wa.
no nego, no free ongkir ya..


Topic: Schody granitowe

Halo sis.. Mau flea nih.

1.. BOBA 3g motif kangaroo
H. Beli: lupa
H. Jual: SOLD
lengkap dengan dus, foot strap & hood nya.


H. Beli: lupa
H. Jual: sold
Plus: enteng, warna ga pudar, ga panas krn ada sirkulasi udara (beda dgn yg katun), dan tetep gaya :)
Minus: ga ada dus


3.. HANAROO baby wrap like new
H. Beli: lupa
H. Jual: sold
cuma dicoba 1x, ga bisa pakenya :(


4. Seat pad merk SUMMER tanpa dus
H. Beli: 300rb
H. Jual: 100rb
Foto lwt WA ya moms.

utk info lebih lanjut, silahkan wa di 081298358322.
terima kasih


Topic: Schody granitowe

kuota kelima alias terakhir bulan inii..

baju menyusui mamigaya
model disha Lingkar dada sd 98 cm motif lihat gambar..
bisa couple sama baby..



WA 0812 1253157


Topic: Schody granitowe

Haiii mamas...

Mau ngefleain Home Diffuser Young Living
Kondisi 98%
Baru 3 bulanan dan jarang dipake
Harga 1,4 jt

Sms 0819 325 10 863
Foto diemail aja yaaa

Makasih TUM :))


Topic: Schody granitowe

Sore mom, mau jual preloved item ex. anak ku:

1. BabyBjorn tipe Air warna Navy+hitam, very good condition, tidak ada cacat, tidak brudul, hanya dipakai 5x. Carrier only.(bisa di search dulu ya mom)
Harga beli: 1,4jt-an
Harga jual 650rb
yang tertarik sms aja ke 0812 1043 8656 atau email: [email protected]
Pengiriman/COD Jaksel


Topic: Schody granitowe

for flea:
1. http://i782.photobucket.com/albums/yy107/moniksuastika/bejualan/20141202_214157_zpsmt8lndwl.jpg
Original Nike Pink
good cond cuma warnanya kikis dikit disamping (as pictured)
sz 26, insole 16cm, idr 90

2. http://i782.photobucket.com/albums/yy107/moniksuastika/bejualan/20141202_213119_zpsjwbmd6e7.jpg
Adidas Original, sz 26,5 , insole 16,5cm - idr 90

Little Tikes Piano
berfungsi baik, no box
idr SOLD

HnM flats
luar masih bagus, dalam ada bekas samar dicuci nggak langsung kering. sz 28, insole 18cm - idr SOLD

Original GUESS sandals, sz 30, insole 19cm, idr SOLD

monggo wa ke 081213696202 yaa


Topic: Schody granitowe

Permisi mamas,ikutan flea yaa

Model : Highchair
1. Brand : Wakiki
Harga beli : - lupa
Harga jual : Rp200.000 SOLD
Kondisi : second

lokasi klaten
yang berminat bisa PM atau wa 085725103588

Love my kids

twitter & IG : @ndiievania
blog : https://ndiievania.wordpress.com/


Topic: Schody granitowe

permisi, bersih2 rumah lagi ^^

1. Brand : Mothercare
Model : hipseat

2. Brand : Elegance
Model : Bumper & bantal guling
Beli :
Bumper saja : 750rb
Bantal guling : 300rban
total kurang lebih sekitar 1jt
Jual : all set : 350rb, exclude ongkir. Nett
Keterangan :
Bantal merk lumiere. Guling elegance.
Bumper panjang tidak pernah dipakai. Bumper pendek & bantal guling dipakai 3 bulan saja.

3. Brand : Dudi
Model : Urinal trainer
Beli : 80.500
Jual : 50.000, exclude ongkir
Keterangan :
baik. Ada bekas air di stiker keroppi-nya. Bukan bekas pipis yah. Ada bekas air juga di urinalnya, sudah dibersihin tp ttp susah hilang. Tp sama sekali tidak mempengaruhi fungsi.
Urinalnya cm kepakai 1x. Habis itu bocahnya nggak mau, maunya lsg pipis di toilet.
kena volume 2kg.

4. Brand : Coolbe
Model : stroller / carseat liner
Beli : 120rb sekian, di Ace Hardware
Jual : 80rb, exclude ongkir
Kondisi : bagus. Terpakai 3 bulan saja.

WA/SMS : 08119440747
email : [email protected]

thank you ^^

~it's poyaya, darling. not popoya, popaya or even papaya~ ;)


Topic: Schody granitowe



Topic: Schody granitowe

For Flea
Daripada menuhin kamar,

1. Botol Susu Tommee Tippee 2x150ml (inc. dot 0m+)
Satu botolnya uda buka plastik n cuci-steril pake 1x, tapi baby ga bisa ngdot. Lengkap ada box beli Mei'14 di babyshop Bogor
Jual Rp 100.000,-

2. Steril Botol Techno Baby muat 6 bottle
BNIB. Ex-kado. Jual Rp 150.000,-

Request foto WA aja ya, 087873777851 (Rizka)

Thanks Tum

happy mommy, happy wivey @rarsyini


Topic: Schody granitowe

Mau tambah kuota ya...

3. Brand: Blossom Farm
Model: 3 in 1 Sit Me Up Cosy
Ori price: dunno
Selling price: 225rb
Condition: preloved with box, good con

4. Brand: Skip Hop
Model: boneka rattle
Ori price: sekitar 80rb
Selling price: 55rb
Condition: preloved, good con jarang pakai

5. Brand: Disney
Model: botol susu in box isi 6
Ori price: sekitar 120rb
Selling price: 80rb
Condition: hanya 2 botol kecil yang pernah dipakai sekitar 2 minggu, lainnya baru

Yang minat & mau lihat fotonya bisa wa ke 081809198803.
Trims, moms & TUM ;)


Topic: Schody granitowe

FLEA DESEMBER.. Edisi perlengkapan holiday

1. CAR SEAT Gb with ? CS888E Rove
Harga Asli : Rm 799 kalau dikurs kira2 Rp 2,8 jt (sory bener2 ga nemu harga dalam rupiahnya)

Harga Jual SOLD , thx mom D jaksel

Gratis ongkir Jakarta via kurir buat yang ga nawar + bonus menarik

Kondisi 100% brand new warnanya aja ga tau krn sama sekali tidak dibuka (warnanya hanya 2 macam coklat/abu)

Alasan jual : Dapat hadiah lomba kreasi sayangnya mobilku imuet jd ga bs pakai carseat.

Berikut keterangannya :

GB with love CS 888E ROVE

> In compliance with European Standard ECE R44/04
> Suitable for birth to 25kg
> Good ventilation
> Pad provide protection for both head and leg
> Long lasting value (suitable from birth to 25kg) Rearward facing position for baby from newborn to 13kg, forward facing for baby from 9kg to 25kg
> Multi-positions recline
> Washable seat cover
> 5-point harness

Net weight: 9.5kg
Unfolded dimension: 540*500*710mm
Price: RM799.90 Rove CS888E



2. Bantal menyusui Cuddle me warna pink fushia
Harga asli : Rp 180ribu
Harga jual : Rp 130ribu
Kondisi 90% cm dipakai sebentar karena telat dapetnya (baby ku uda 9 bulan) masih lengkap dengan tasnya
Alasan jual kado yang terlambat diterima, baby sudah terlalu besar dan sementara belum ada keinginan nambah momongan :)
Pic menyusul, entah kenapa photobucket error, ga bs upload drtd

Sms/Wa : 0818716429

Thx Tum


Topic: Schody granitowe

Ikut Flea akhir tahun ya..

1. Baby Carrier
Brand: CuddleMe
Model: CuddleMe Neo Carrier 2.0 motif playground maroon (ini special edition lho)
Original Price : Rp 370.000
Selling Price: SOLD
Condition : good condition, jarang dipakai karena lebih sering pakai stroller.
Kelengkapan : Teething pad, box, foot strap. Manual-nya hilang.

2. Electric Breastpump
Brand: Medela
Model: Medela Swing Maxi
Original Price : Rp 2.873.000 (attached receipt)
Selling Price: SOLD
Condition : second.
Description : good condition. Beli Feb-2014 (garansi masih ada, kartu garansi terlampir). Kelengkapan standard seperti di gambar. Dapat extra corong medela size L, corong standard paket bawaan jarang digunakan. Dot calma belum pernah dipakai. Minus: kabel adaptor ada yang kelupas karena kabel ditekuk saat disimpan, tapi masih berfungsi dengan baik, langsung saya selotip ketika sadar.

3. Item : cardigan korea
Original Price : Rp 90.000
Selling Price: Rp 50.000
Condition : dicoba 2x tapi kekecilan banget di anakku. Padahal bahannya bagus bgt.

https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7546/15855137519_ce55150d3b_k.jpg20141215_125109 by lunardi.dina, on Flickr

4. Item : botol ASIP ex UC1000, ada 34 botol.
Original Price : - kumpulin botol UC sendiri, tutup sudah diganti dengan tutup plastic.
Selling Price: Rp 1.200/botol (REPRICED)
https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7530/15853989380_ea9bc6ebc7_k.jpg20141130_100320 by lunardi.dina, on Flickr
How to Contact Seller:
email to [email protected], SMS / Whatsapp : 0813-88-966669, Line ID : dina_lunar

Thanks TUM


Topic: Schody granitowe

Hi Moms,

Mau flea t-shirt/ clana pjg boy sbb ya (Price exclude Ongkir ya,, sdh dikasi murce fix price):

1. T-Shirt (Unisex)
Harga Beli: Unknown - Kado
Harga Jual: 50rb
Kondisi: New with tag; sz 2 yrs


2. Celana Jeans Midi
Harga Beli: Unknown - Kado
Harga Jual: 75rb
Kondisi: New with tag; sz 2 yrs


3. Celana Panjang
Harga Beli: Unknown; Merk: H & M
Harga Jual: 50rb
Kondisi: Preloved Like New; sz 3-4yrs


Contact by wa 087881673456.

Ps. Buy all 3 jadi 150rb (exc. ongkir)... No lower than that ya sdh dikasih murah bgt

Thank youu :)

**Blessful Mommy of #BebeNoah & #BabyNathan**
IG & Twitter @Dheeny


Topic: Schody granitowe


  • --[/*]
  • --[/*]
    Digunakan hanya sekitar 2 bulan dan selang seling dengan pompa yang lain, Botol belum terpakai gambar menyusul
    New Price : Rp.2.800.000,-
    Selling Price : Rp.2.100.000,- (Exclude Ongkir) atau barter dengan ergo 360[/*]

    How to Contact seller : WA. 085-7777-3-2050

  • 21

    Topic: Schody granitowe

    Nambah postingan
    2. Sleepsuit next size 3m, sold
    3. Liquid talc (125ml) sold
    Makasih tum


    Topic: Schody granitowe

    Flea Desember :)

    1. 1 set Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breastpump
    Original price in store: 4 jutaan
    Selling price: 3 juta (nego)
    Terdiri dari:
    1. 1 backpack
    2. 1 mesin (minus ada patah sedikit seperti di pic, sdh disambung kembali, seandainya tdk disambung pun tidak mempengaruhi fungsi)
    3. 2 adaptor (1 utk disambung ke listrik, 1 utk baterai)
    4. 2 selang
    5. 4 valve
    6. 4 membran
    7. 2 corong
    8. 1 set piston
    9. 2 dudukan botol
    10. 4 botol 150 ml
    Items 1-10: preloved in good condition, no box, no warranty card
    11. 1 cooler bag+carrier
    12. 1 blue ice gel
    Items 11-12: new with tag+box (minus dus penyok)


    How to contact seller: WA 0816-4241-418

    Thank you :)


    Topic: Schody granitowe

    Mo ikutan flea desember

    1. Diaper bag skiphop
    Kondisi sangat baik pemakaian jarang
    Harga beli 580 rb
    Harga jual 400 rb

    2. Gendongan bayi merk aprica warna HITAM
    Kondisi sangat baik dipakai tidak lebih dr 5x
    Harga beli 1.2 jt
    Harga jual 700 rb

    3. Gendongan bayi boba wrap warna royal blue
    Kondisi baik
    Harga beli 475 rb
    Harga jual SOLD

    4. Diaper bag tipe ransel
    Merk HPY warna biru abu
    Kondisi like new cuma pakai sekali
    Harga beli 300 rb
    Harga jual SOLD

    5. avent manual breastpump
    Kondisi brand new without box
    Harga jual SOLD

    Note: semua gambar comot dr Google. Yg minat bs minta pic asli wa ke 089693645588


    Topic: Schody granitowe

    Tambah kuota ya:

    1. Toddler Carseat merk BabyDoes warna Navy. Kondisi masih bagus tidak ada cacat nya. Jual 350rb—nett

    Box Bayi merk Elle ukuran 135x85. Warna coklat+kuning. Kondisi sangat baik. Minus nya mainan gantung dan kotak musik nya ilang. Kardus dan buku sudah tidak ada. Harga beli 1.250jt, mau jual 650rb---nett

    Playmatt Carters kondisi 95% bagus dan bersih hanya mainan nya tinggal 1. Jual hanya 100rb---nett

    Food Maker Merk Piyo Piyo isi 7set. New, mangkok pernah dipakai 2x saja. Kardus nya sudah penyok. Jual 110rb---nett.
    Harga Nett, no free ongkir.
    sms 0812 10438656 atau email: [email protected]
    COD Jaksel


    Topic: Schody granitowe