Topic: Rules: Shop @ Mama's Mall

Dear Mamas & Papas,

Shop @ Mama's Mall are only entitled with rent to TUM Members, with upgraded status as "Shopkeeper". To be a "Shopkeeper", as of 1st February 2011, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Member of The Urban Mama forum, with minimal post count of 50[/*]
  • Pay a rental fee for the exclusive thread (shop) at Mama's Mall. Details, please contact [email protected][/*]

    If you are already a Shopkeeper, please follow the rules & guidelines below, as well as the forum's General Rules & Netiquettes:
  • You may sell and promote products or services which are kids and/or parenthood related. [/*]
  • You are only entitled to one shop/thread unless you are approved to have more than 1 shops in Mama's Mall[/*]
  • Service and home-made food items (homemade cookies, food, etc.) are also welcome, as long as you ensure that the products are safe. TUM is not responsible for the products you are selling, but it's only ethical that you ensure that these products are safe and would not cause any harm to the buyers. [/*]
  • TUM is not responsible for any seller's or buyer's wrongdoings, as we are only provide rentals to the "shops" space at mama's mall.[/*]
  • Sellers MUST post your contact information (email, twitter, or mobile no.) so buyers can contact you directly when they have questions or queries.[/*]
  • If sellers are acting unlawfully, we expect buyers to report it to us via email at [email protected]. If the unlawful act causes continuous problems to buyers as well TUM's reputation, we would have the right to close the shop, or worse, ban the seller from this forum. [/*]
  • Sellers must post the items that their selling with correct information and not by any way to mislead buyers. By this we mean, you must post pictures & info of the actual product you are selling, not taken from other shop's pictures (unless you are allowed to do so). If you are selling the exact same item, don't forget to credit to the owner of the original pictures.[/*]
  • No fake items are allowed. This bears a strongest consequences. If we find that sellers are selling items that are fake, we have the right to close the shop and ban you as shopkeepers at mama's mall. Fake means that you cannot say that you are selling one brand's imitation and say that it's original.[/*]
  • The Urban Mama has the right to delete/edit any posts in this thread if we find it unfitting to the rules and netiquettes of our website.[/*]

    Tips for Sellers before you are completing your transaction:
  • Ensure that you have known the buyer to avoid any wrongdoings
  • At least you have more than just contact number, try to get more information such as email address, YM even BB pin, if available
  • We encourage that you only sell the items from members who already have more than 10 posts, that way you know that the member is quite active in the forum
  • If you have bad experience with a buyer, The Urban Mama is not responsible for any loss. However, you are welcome to report it to us via email to [email protected] so we can remove that member from the forum, to avoid any other occurences.
  • Please do your transaction carefully and diligently. [/*]

    Sellers, congrats in the opening of your shops and good luck!
    Buyers, enjoy the shops and happy shopping!