Topic: All About Music

haha jadi gitu ya diva kalo karaoke itu kebanyakan lagu curhatnya? :D

nov afni,
ahahaha ngakak! nooov!!!
dangdut itu gimanaaa gitu yaaa. aku juga suka sih tapi yang jadul2 kayak meggy z :D. awal2 lucu2an tapi kok terus kepikiran yaaaa...

? love to write and run - a bus transjakarta passenger ?


Topic: All About Music


naahh etaa tehh..

lagunya stuck in my head teruss..

:D :D


Topic: All About Music

Good day everyone! I have been fond of music since childhood and play the guitar. About a couple of years ago I started uploading my music to the soundcloud in hopes of becoming popular and created my personal music project there. During all this time, I could not achieve monetization and decided to act decisively. I found a site called promosoundgroup to promote my music and that's the only reason why my music makes me money now.


Topic: All About Music

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